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Since 1999, 24horas has served the vibrant Portuguese and Brazilian communities of Metropolitan New Jersey / New York with the news and stories that impact their world.24horas reaches this valuable ethnic market earlier and sells more copies per week than any other Portuguese language publication in the United States.And so we present our clients and partners with a cost effective, targeted, and valuable advertising solution.

Why Newspapers?

Newspapers are 5x more likely to influence a purchase than the internet and 8x more than direct mail.

2 out of 3 people surveyed in New Jersey report that newspapers have the most believable ads.

Why Ethnic Media?

Ethnic language readers respond up to 5x more effectively to ads in their own language.

29 million Americans prefer ethnic media above
all other news outlets.

Sources: NJ Statewide Market Study, Belden Associates, PRC Publication Research Corp, NCM Poll, The Ethnic Media in America

Profile Summary

Print Schedule
Daily, Monday – Saturday

Cover price
US $1.00

12,000 – 13,000

48,000 (est.)

Daily Sections
Local, United States, Portugal, Brazil, Sports, World, Entertainment, Gastronomy, Health, Opinion, Classifieds, Obituaries

Special Annual Editions
Portugal Day – Early June
Holiday/Christmas – Late December


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